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UNESCO Chair on Asian and African studies: "Modern methods of studying and teaching"

Chair activities fully correspond with SDG 16, SDG 17, SDG 4 (Education 2030, task # 7). Cultural diversification, intercultural dialogue, comprehensive partnership in the name of Peace and non-violence.

The main peculiarity of the chair of IAAS MSU is that along with the scientific & research activity, holding of events in the field of upgrading of qualification and retraining of teachers it has developed and implemented since 2017 its own developed training master’s program (2 years), where a lot of attention is given to the promotion of UNESCO targets, tasks and mission.

The chair extended the cooperation with more than 60 Asian and African universities, including: Seoul University, Institute of International Cooperation and Education (Republic of Korea), Shenzhen Polytechnic University (China), Dar-Es-Salam University, Institute of Swahili, Republic of Tanzania, the Teheran State University (Iran), Mohammed V University (Маrocco). Tunisia-1 University (Тunisia), Beijing State University (China), Tsoukouba University (Japan).


The history of studying languages and Oriental cultures in Moscow State University
(MSU) started in the fifties of the 18th century. Established in 1956 on the basis of several departments of Historical and Philological faculties of Moscow State University, the Institute of Asian and African Studies (IAAS) was based on a more than two hundred years of studying Oriental countries tradition. IAAS is the central higher educational establishment of Oriental studies in Russia, where professional training techniques of rare Oriental languages, such as - Vietnamese, Khmer, Burmese, Tamil, Dari, Thai, Philippine, Mongolian, Swahili, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and others are carefully preserved.
Students can study at one of the three departments: historical, philological and socio-economic (the latter includes two majors: “Economy” and “Political science”.
Education is completed within a 4-year studying programme with the issuance of the Bachelor`s Degree Diploma in “Oriental Studies, African Studies”.
Our university also gives an opportunity of completing a 2-year studying programme for a Master’s Degree.
Regardless of their major, our students master in the same capacity one or two Oriental languages and one of the West-European languages (English, French, Spanish or German).



Igor Ishenalievich


Director of the Institute

Исполнительный дректор


Dilyara Medekhatovna

candidate of historical sciences,
Head of the Chair
deputy director of the Institute