Our Institute is the main Center of Oriental Study in Russia. As our students are going to become real specialists in Oriental Studies, we have serious and constant cooperation with the main Asian and African Universities. 
Every year more than 50 of our students usually go abroad for 10 months (one academic year) as a part of study process. They improve their foreign language skills and gather materials for diploma work. After returning home they successfully graduate from our University with great amount of knowledge, which they receive during their probation period in the foreign University in Asia or Africa.
Our Institute has more than 40 Agreements on cooperation with the main Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Arab, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian and African Universities.
In accordance with exchange programs more than 50 foreign students come to study at our Institute every academic year.
Since study process is being conducted on Russian language all foreign students have to learn Russian.  They usually have 14-16 hours of Russian language and 6-8 hours of the special course devoted to Russian civilization (history, culture, economy, policy) per week.
If a student has a good level of Russian language sufficient to attend lectures in other disciplines, he or she can attend lectures in any faculty of Moscow State University. The IAAS students can listen to lectures on social economics, History, Political problems of Asian and African countries and etc. 
At the end of the probation period all participants of the exchange programs are able to get an academic certificate with the names of attended courses and evaluation. 
Students’ exchange programs are really important for every side. For students they help to become real professionals with contemporary world outlook, due to a possibility to get acquainted with the another country’s language, culture and traditions. Russia in this case is exceptional country because of its geography, multicultural traditions and unique history.  


For all questions, please contact:
tel.  +7(495)629-39-57



1.    Letter of recommendation from the University, signed by authority.
2.    Plan for the probation period, questionnaire
3.    Pure (scanned) copy of the passport. The validity of your passport should be 18 months after returning home from the probation period. You will receive the official invitation in about 2 months.
4.    Filled application Form (Attached).
5.    Medical certificate of health condition; results on AIDS, lungs’ examination.
6.    Medical insurance (be ready to buy it in MSU -150-200$ per year depending on plan or obtain insurance through the system of international insurance in your country).
7.    Photos (3x4)-6 pieces (black-white, mat).


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