Chair of UNESCO IAAS Moscow State University First issue (class). Solemn presentation of diplomas an

On June 28 in the Imperial Hall of the Institute there was held a solemn presentation of diplomas to masters - graduates of the Chair of UNESCO. "This is a very great achievement of the Institute. We created a unique chair, the only one producing from 63 UNESCO chairs in Russia. And today - the first issue of the department - 9 people, four of them received diplomas with honors from the rector of Moscow State University, five graduates have already expressed desire to remain in Russia to continue their studies "- began the solemn speech of the UNESCO ISAA Moscow State University SOLODOVNIK D.M. In addition to diplomas, graduates also received certificates of the Chair of UNESCO ISAA Moscow State University, signed by the leadership of ISAA and Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the Chairs of UNESCO of the Russian Federation Professor YEGOROV Vladimir Contantinovich. Igor Ishenalievich (dean) and Dilara Medehatova invited the graduates of the department to the stage and cordially congratulated them, expressing hope for further fruitful work in the walls of the Institute and cooperation in the future. First issue (class) of the Chair of UNESCO ISAA Moscow State University: Zhou Bizi (diploma with honours) Kun Wen (diploma with honours) Zhang Jiunyi (diploma with honours) Shi Yuchen (diploma with honours) Wei Fenlung Lui Zhusyuan Xu Hui At Hanchao Cheng Yi