The Institute has more than 50 Agreements of cooperation and student’s exchange programs with the leading universities of Asia and Africa. Important part of the curriculum is a special training program (up to 10 months) in the countries where the language is spoken and the classes guided by native speakers.

At the Institute of Asian and African Studies there is a UNESCO Chair on Asian and African Studies: Modern Methods of Studying and Teaching. 
As a part of the Chair's work the training programs for students are conducted to get them familiar with the activities of UNESCO and its Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development until 2030. 

The chair carries out short (two or three weeks) modular paid programs in summer, such as: school of Russian language, combined with a series of lectures devoted to the  Regional Geography of Russia for students from foreign universities. UNESCO Chair of IAAS MSU keeps constant cooperation with foreign universities, holds joint scientific and methodological conferences devoted to the problems of education in the countries of Asia and Africa, and is actively involved in work together with 55  UNESCO Chairs in Russian Federation.


The new master’s program «Russia in the Surrounding World: East, West, Eurasia» is developed by UNESCO Chair and is implemented by the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov State University. The Institute of Asian and African
Studies, Lomonosov State University is the leading Russian university of oriental studies with 60 years of scientifi c and academic traditions.
The program is designated for ones who are interested in:
– Russian language and social & politic, economic, historical and cultural peculiarities of Russia;
– modern trends of development of relations between Russia and
foreign countries.
– global civilization problems in its comparative component;
– international and regional organizations, its activities for the
maintenance of the world order.

The education period is 2 years. The education is carried out in Russian by teachers with knowledge of West-European and
Oriental languages in order they can help foreign students. Classes take place in the center of Moscow, in the historical building of Moscow State University on the opposite side from the Kremlin.
Students will be accommodated in the Main building of the Moscow State University.
The tuition fee is 360 000 rubles per year (two semesters), the payment can be divided into semesters.
Graduates will be awarded the qualifi cation of Master of Oriental and African Studies, the diploma of Moscow State University and UNESCO certificate.

To register for the program, please, contact the Foreign Division of the Institute of Asian and African Studies before June 1 by
e-mail: gavrikova.isaa.msu@gmail.com. You will receive the information on the order of entry and preparation for the entry
examination (contact: Gavrikova Maria)

Address of the Institute of Asian and African Studies,
Lomonosov Moscow State University:
Moscow, Mohovaya street, 11-1-432, Ohotny ryad underground station.
Tel.: +7-495-629-59-48; +7-495-629-39-57